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Gibson Technologies was founded by Fred Gibson in 2006, after years of experience in the Electrical Engineering and Electrical Automation fields, and a passion for innovative software development. Fred’s programming mastery, combined with his various engineering qualifications and experience, has led to unique and effective system designs at Gibson Technologies. This, along with strategic partnerships and Fred’s high work ethic has also allowed Gibson Technologies to revolutionise the Electrical Engineering Industry in South Africa. Second director Anne-Marie Moller, Fred’s right hand and confidant, joined the Gibson Technologies team in 2010.

Gibson Technologies has offered a complete turnkey solution since 2016, with the establishment of their workshop for in-house panel building and manufacturing. Their move to Route 21 Corporate Park was soon necessitated by their need for additional space and resources.

In 2018, Gibson added a 3D panel layout service, which ensured an even more refined and better-engineered design solution. This method of proactive engineering allows for an advanced design and spatial planning process, which continues to set Gibson Technologies apart in the industry. Also in 2018, more software engineers were employed, which allows for the ability to provide clients with a 24-hour, quick standby service.

Since 2020, Gibson Technologies can be found in their second building, around the corner from their first, in Route 21 Corporate Park. 2022 marks their 16th year in business, boasting highly qualified and experienced employees, looking avidly to the future.


Gibson Technologies provides turnkey engineered electrical solutions and technology across the mining and agricultural industries in Southern Africa and beyond. Within the said industries, we provide long-term solutions to ensure value for money, growth and prosperity by prioritising total cost of ownership. We pride ourselves in not merely offering our clients a catalogue solution, but rather an engineered solution in the following areas of expertise:

  • Substations up to 22kV
  • Transformers, Generators & Change Over Systems
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Distribution Boards & Systems
  • Motor Control Centres
  • Instrumentation
  • PLC, SCADA & SQL Programming & Reporting
  • Maintenance & 24h Support
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Our complete in-house solution starts with a meticulous design process, made possible by experienced design engineers and state of the art software. This proactive engineering practice ensures a clear and accurate view of the final product before the onset of manufacturing. Our designs are brought to life by our team of electrical and software engineers working closely with our construction team, comprising skilled professionals, using excellent equipment and effective processes. Our installation team ensures correct implementation and final testing of products, whereafter our extended team of software engineers, on 24-hour standby, takes over with excellent, rapid support. Our design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance capabilities, together with clear communication and accurate costing, result in transparent projects and partnerships on which you can rely. 


Gibson Technologies is built on a foundation of mutually-beneficial partnerships that often turn into friendships. Our suppliers are the best in the industry, which translates into a consistent supply of high quality materials and components. In the case of specialised work or a project that isn’t viable for us to do ourselves, we make use of excellent contractors to execute the work on our behalf, although we still sign off on the completed project. This ensures our high standards of design, quality and safety specifications are maintained. Where contractors are already in place with a client, we prefer to partner with them instead of making use of our contractors. This simplifies the process as the contractor would then already be registered with the client, and have passed all necessary security, safety and medical tests.


Fred Gibson

Nicolene Rossouw
Executive: Business Systems

Otto Koetje
Executive: Engineering

Stiaan Van Wyk
Executive: Software

Frans Roelofse
Executive: Design

Anne-Marie Moller
Executive: Projects

Erna Roelofse

Damian Austin
Heavy Current Technician

Gary Louw
Full Stack Developer

Erhard Conradie
Electronic Engineer

Chris Luies
Electronics Technician Trainee

Conrad Claassen
Electronics Technician Trainee

Garth Du Preez

Albert Gibson

Arthur Grobler

Teddy Gibson

Felix Robertson
Apprentice Electrician

William Sebelebele
Workshop Assistant & Driver

Anna Makua