• Afgri Seed Plant Bethal (Beckhoff PLC & Adroit SCADA)
  • Afgri Lydenburg Silo (Mitsubishi Q-Series PLC)
  • Allem Brothers Feedmill ( Telemecanique Premium PLC & Adroit SCADA)
  • Allem Brothers A-Mill ( Telemecanique Premium PLC & Wonderware SCADA)
  • Allem Bros B-Mill ( Telemecanique Premium PLC & Wonderware SCADA)
  • Kangra Coal (ION 7650 Power Meters & ION Enterprise)
  • Prime Cure (650KVA Caterpillar Generator)
  • Pride Milling Kinross Mill ( MCC Design, Telemecanique Premium PLC, Citect SCADA, Project management)
  • Pride Milling Bethal Mill ( MCC Design, Telemecanique Premium PLC, Citect SCADA)
  • Pride Milling Ermelo Mill ( MCC Redesign, Mitsubishi Q Series PLC, Citect SCADA, Project management)
  • SAB Rosslyn ( Concept software for 11KV Power Factor )
  • Caddell Construction, Cameroon ( Commission American Embassy PowerLogic System & Busbar changeover system)
  • Caddell Construction, Guinea ( Commission American Embassy PowerLogic System & Busbar changeover system)
  • Technip ( Commision Exxon Mobil new gas pumping platform PowerLogic system offshore Nigeria )
  • Meyerton Local Council Substation ( Sepam Protection, Momentum PLC, Powerlogic SMS system )
  • Southrand Hospital (PowerLogic system & SMS Software)
  • Prion Tex ( PM850 Power meter & Twido Load shedding PLC )
  • MIS Engineering ( PM700 Power meters, Citect SCADA, Siemens S7 PLC on Inductive Furnace power management )
  • Rand Refineries ( PM700 Power meters, Citect SCADA, Power management )
  • Kromdraai Best Milling ( PLCDirect PLC, Beckhoff distributed PLC, Citect SCADA plus 4 Display Clients)
  • De Hoek Trust Potato Washing Plant ( Beckhoff PLC and HMI )
  • Pilkington Float Glass ( Powerlogic SMS Setup )
  • SA Feed Phosphates ( Beckhoff PLC & Citect SCADA)
  • Nestle Standerton ( Replace Fix SCADA with Wonderware )
  • Sasko Olifantsfontein (Design and Build 11KV Metering Cubicle with RM6 Ring main unit)
  • Edgars ( C++ Software to interface Telemecanique Premium PLC to Unix Server )
  • Letaba Milling ( Intake plant on Unitronics PLC )
  • Ruto Mills Pretoria ( Pelletising plant on Wonderware SCADA )
  • DPI Plastics Weighbridge ( Citect SCADA )
  • Kangra Coal 22KV CT, ION 7650, Ion Enterprise Installation
  • Rand Merchant Bank Triple Changeover system PLC & Citect SCADA
  • Pride Milling Nigel Mill & Packing PLC and Citect SCADA
  • Namib Mills Blending Plant Delta PLC and HMI
  • Continuity SA ION Enterprise and Power meters
  • Kingsbury Bird seed blending plant Delta PLC and HMI
  • Allem Brothers ION enterprise energy management system and Power factor correction banks
  • De Heus Pietermaritzburg Feedmill Database and Wonderware SCADA
  • Samquarz Mine ION Enterprise and Power factor banks including a 1MVAr bank
  • Pride Milling Devon Main Electrical Panel, 110KW Hammer mill panel, M340 PLC and Citect SCADA
  • Afgri Argent Silo Mimic panel replace with M340 PLC and Citect SCADA
  • Bokomo Olifantsfontein Flour Blending Plant Siemens S7-317 PLC & WinCC SCADA and Database
  • Afrox consulting to start 10MW 11KV motor after maintenance
  • Allem Bros. C-Mill (New Premium PLC and Citect SCADA)
  • Allem Bros. – Supply and Install and commission new Medium Voltage switchgear.
  • Lepelle Water Upgrade SMS system to ION Enterprise and re-configure Sepam Protection Relays.
  • Levi Junction Zambia install M340 PLC and write C# SCADA to view remote.
  • Build and install 350kVA Power Factor bank at Coca-Cola Witbank.
  • Install Siemens S7-314 PLC at De Heus Kleinberg, Do PLC and C# SCADA to do feed mill batching.
  • Vodacom – Install Siemens S7-1200 PLC and Magillis HMI’s in Data Center to control Chillers.
  • Russel Stone Soya – Install Siemens S7-300 PLC and program WINCC to control intake system from Afgri Silo.
  • Teraco – Install, Program and commission dual redundant PLC to control data center Power source from Ups to Generator to Mains.
  • Kromdraai Best Milling – Supply and install RM6 Ring main unit, Metering Cubicle and 5 MV Switches.
  • Flip Human Waterworks Krugersdorp – Supply and install 5 Power factor banks and ION enterprise energy monitoring system via Ethernet Radio.
  • SAME Water – Supply and Install Power factor banks at Percy Steward Waterworks.
  • Kellogg’s ION SPM7 Energy Monitoring system
  • Schneider Electric – Design and build 50A primary protection current injectors
  • Boksburg North Swimming Pool – Beckhoff control system for humidity and temperature
  • Vodacom – Install 700 CT’s and EM4800 Power meters in data center.
  • Internet Solutions – Install, program and commission Dual redundant M340 PLC changeover system to automatically control 2 x 2MVA UPS’s, 2 X 2MVA Generators and 2 X 2MVA Transformers including Citect SCADA to indicate circuit breaker statuses.
  • SASOL – Design, Commission and Program logic for Changeover panel for water pump station with dual redundant Sepam 80 Protection relays and Logipam software.
  • Base Titanium – Fault find and commission borehole Field via Miri Telemetry radio PLC’s and write Citect SCADA to display statusand Control from Control room.
  • Tormin – Commission 2 X 1400A SCR rectifiers to inject DC current into SLON’s
  • Kellogg’s Design, build and install 800kVAr Power Factor bank with harmonic filters.
  • Anglo American Polokwane Smelter – Do energy audit and supply working plans to save energy. Some already implemented.
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