ETAP offers a fully integrated Protective Device Coordination and Selectivity Software (Star) for performing steady-state and dynamic device coordination, protection, and testing. Enabling power and relay engineers to easily and efficiently perform protective device coordination studies. The built-in intelligent features of this module provide informed and reliable recommendations regarding the feasibility of the protective devices under consideration. Engineers can quickly realise possible design issues and make informed decisions to improve system reliability, increase system stability, and boost financial savings.

Using intelligent one-line diagrams, comprehensive protective device libraries, and a three-dimensional database, ETAP Protective Device Coordination Software is an essential tool when performing over current protective device coordination analysis.

Along with plotting protective device operating curves, ETAP Protective Device Coordination Software provides tools capable of plotting the starting, inrush, damage, etc. curves for equipment like motors, transformers, generators, and cables, offering insight into troubleshooting false trips, relay and breaker mis-operation, and mis-coordination.