Save hours of tedious hand calculations and take the guesswork out of short circuit studies by automating the process with multiple calculation and result analysis short circuit software tools within ETAP.

ETAP short circuit analysis software analyzes the effect of 3-phase, 1-phase, line-to-ground, line-to-line, and line-to-line-to-ground fault currents on electrical power systems. The fault current calculation software simulates the total rolex replica uk circuit currents as well as the fault current contributions of individual motors, generators, and utilityties in the power system. Fault current short circuit duties are in compliance with the latest editions of the ANSI/IEEE Standards (C37 series) and IEC Standards (IEC 60909 and others).

The short circuit rolex replica sale makes it easy to go from selecting elements from the comprehensive library of short circuit current ratings, to performing dozens of different types of short circuit analysis with the purpose of finding the worst-case fault current device duty. Built-in intelligence allows the short circuit analysis software to automatically rolex replica all ANSI / IEEE or IEC factors and ratios required for high- and low-voltage fault current device duty evaluation.

Short circuit software determines fault currents and rolex replica compares these values against manufacturer short circuit current ratings. Overstressed device alarms are automatically displayed on the one-line diagram and included in short circuit study reports. ETAP hublot replica uk monitors industry standards and OEM data to ensure the Short Circuit study module is always up-to-date. The Short Circuit study module seamlessly integrates with device coordination and performs arc flash hazard calculations.


  • ANSI / IEEE standards C37 & UL 489
  • IEC standards 60909 & 61363
  • Automatic device evaluation for 3-phase, 1-phase, & panel systems
  • Load terminal short circuit calculation
  • Display critical & marginal alerts
  • Integrates with Star protective device coordination
  • Seamless transition to Arc Flash Analysis
  • Generator circuit breaker evaluation


  • Automatic 3-phase device evaluation
  • Device evaluation based on total or maximum through fault current
  • Automatically adjust conductor resistance & length (both lines & cables)
  • Global or individual device impedance tolerance adjustments for maximum & minimum fault currents
  • Include / exclude fault impedance modelling for unbalanced faults
  • Include / exclude shunt admittance for branches & capacitive loads (unbalanced faults)
  • Graphical or tabular bus fault selections
  • Automatically determine fault currents at motor terminals without the need to add additional buses
  • Phase-shifting transformers
  • Grounding models for generators, transformers, motors, & other loads
  • Motor contribution based on loading category, demand factor, or both
  • Short Circuit software extracts manufacturer published data from the libraries for thousands of devices
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ETAP electrical fault current software saves hours of tedious hand calculations and takes the guess-work out of short circuit analysis by automating the process with multiple short circuit calculation methods and result analysis tools within ETAP.